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999,00 $

Standard Interior Design Package – Up to 100 m2 room
6 Days Delivery
  • Space Planning: This involves analyzing the available space and determining the most functional and efficient use of the area. The layout will be designed to ensure that all furniture and accessories are properly placed for maximum comfort and functionality.
  • Color Scheme and Style: The color scheme of the room will be chosen to create a cohesive look and feel. This will involve selecting the wall colors, flooring, and any other decorative elements.
  • Lighting: The lighting design will be created to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the room. This will include selecting the type of lighting fixtures, their placement, and the level of brightness needed for various activities.
  • Furniture Selection: Furniture will be chosen based on your preferences as well as on the available space and the needs of the room. This will include selecting the appropriate size, style, and function of each piece.
  • Accessories and Decorations: Accessories and decorative elements will be chosen to complement the overall design of the room. This will include selecting artwork, rugs, curtains, and other decorative pieces.
  • Multiple 3D Renderings: Multiple 3D renderings of the final design will be provided to help you visualize the space and make any necessary adjustments.


Investing in a premium interior design package for a room up to 100 m² is not just a purchase, it is a statement of intent. It is a commitment to creating a space that is both epic in design and practical in function, a space that will inspire, rejuvenate, and elevate the client’s lifestyle. So take the leap, and let the journey begin.

As the design takes shape, the client will witness the transformation of the space into a work of art, with every detail carefully planned and executed to perfection.